CHANKA SEETERRAM & CO., Chartered Accountants, and FINANCIAL SYSTEM & SERVICES LIMITED, Financial and Management Consultants, are two firms operating under the same management that provide services in all aspects of financial and management services including auditing, accounting, taxation consultancy, financial and management consultancy, receiverships and liquidations.

Both companies were established in Trinided and Tobago in 1986, as a response to the increasing need for ratianalisation and restructuring in businesses that started, or expanded, during the past two decades. In addition, the need for sound financial and management advice for start-up operations in Trinided and Tobago has always been inperative.

Chanka Seeterram & Co., and financial System & Services Limited are now both firmly entrenched in the financial services sector in Trinidad and Tobago and are each achievers in their field and successful companies in their own right.

The concept of both these organisations is simple - we are operating what we believe to be a genuine one-stop shop for the region - offering assistance through corporate, financial and system services for both small businesses and large organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Today, Chanka Seeterram & Co., and Financial Systems & Services Limited are firmly established in their own purpose-designed office building, equipped with all modern conveniences and facilities, and utilising all of the latest technology available to accounting firms.